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Are you looking for our super popular Coffee Cozies?! When we open our shop, these often sell out in minutes! 

We are now offering a WAIT LIST! Here are the details!

PLEASE PLEASE READ below first!!

We thought long and hard about how we could accommodate the most people as fairly as possible. Taking thousands of orders during one shop opening puts everyone's order due on the same day. By taking people in small groups, you'll have an opportunity to order, less franticly than a typical shop opening, and we won't have everyone on the same production schedule.

Here's how it'll work:

 The wait list is for COZIES ONLY. (Other items will still be offered in regular shop openings)

 Once it is your turn to order, you will be sent an email giving you the heads up that your turn is coming. Then you will receive another email advising of the date you'll be able to order. You will receive one reminder email for that date. On the specified date you will receive an email with a special password to access our online shop. DO NOT share the password. Only those in the current group will be allowed to order. Anyone outside of that group that someone shares the password with will have their order cancelled. Please play nice! :)

 Again, this is for coffee cozies only. The prints available during your "turn" will be dependent upon what we have in stock at that time.

 It is your responsibility to watch your email for announcements. If you miss your opportunity, you will have to sign up again and start over. We suggest adding these emails to your contacts: and

 There is no estimated time frame or guarantees as to when your opportunity to order will come up. Depending on where you are on the list, it could be weeks or it could be months.

 There will be some bumps along the road as we navigate managing such an intense and awesome amount of interest and orders. This is truly a blessing and we ask for your patience and understanding.

 THE SHOP WILL STILL OPEN periodically along the way! Being on the waitlist does not give you "dibs" for a shop opening. You will have an opportunity to order when it is your turn on the list and if you want to order during a shop opening outside of the list, you're welcome to do so in the same manner we have in the past. Be prompt, be ready and check out fast.

 In summary: if you live for the rush of online sales as we've had in the past, then stick with those. If you are confident in your level of patience and are willing to wait, sign up for the wait list.

THANK YOU, as always, for supporting small business and handmade!